Pitchwars 2016 #Pimpmybio

Me on the left. My BFF on the right who came to visit me. And one Cecropia tree full of stinging Azetca ants behind us as I worked fast to collect a soil sample. My scientist days.

Me with two of my three daughters. My writer days.

This is my first Pitchwars. My first #Pimpmybio (and I'm already blushing). And my first completed novel (we won't talk about it's sequel that I wrote during NaNoWriMo because it's hidden and locked away from shame).

Thank you for taking the time to stop here and read about me and my story! 

About me. 

George Ella Lyon wrote the poem Where I'm From that has been used as a template by dozens of people who find it hard to talk about themselves. So here I am trying to tell you about me...

I am from soccer cleats,
from Cadmium Red fumes and diary keys.

I am from the suburban sprawl over pockets of Midwest corn.
   (Row after row,
      by default.)

I am from the abandoned lot of Fescue grass, the maple red-bronze and gold-green,
   that melted in between wax paper and Crayola shavings
   under my mother's iron.

I am from birthday breakfast in bed and Thunder Thighs,
from 50 Mauck Lane and south side Chicago.

I am from the story tellers and poets, from survivors who eat table crumbs after meals and
   Christmas money envelopes on the tree, from the gift to enjoy childhood and no college loans.

I'm from Crying Doesn't Help and You're Not Average.

I am from Baptist and Republican,
from Catholic and Democrat.
I'm from the space of seeking a belief, the yearning to know the truth.

I’m from Midwest statelines, apple crunch and Fresh Bread Tonight,
from the yard Grandma B. set on fire to the departing pulse of helicopter blades over my father in Vietnam fields.

I am from sheltered closets and superficial hallways,
   scratching to escape and find a corner in the world where I belonged,
   only to discover after roaming the world
   my corner is home.

About my story.

 I think I began writing this book in my head long before I lived among scorpions and tarantulas in a hut in a rainforest. It began even before I left teaching genetics and evolution to return to my first love: writing. Some time during those muddled middle-school years, my mother once said, "If I were to write a book, it'd be about what would happen if humans could no longer reproduce."

Fast forward 20+ years with three daughters of my own and a fascination with genetics and a head full of an unwritten story from that one statement from my mother--you get my book--all 90,000+ words of it.

In one sentence... This is the story of one girl who faces the deepest test of survival: the battle between the forces of selfishness and self-sacrifice.

THE NEMESIS OF EVE is a YA Sci-Fi story about Aurora "Ro," your atypical landfill-scavenger-teenager who not only turns down the youngest man left alive on Earth, but has the unfortunate luck of being chosen to become the "Mother Eve" to an evolved all-female human race (because HOOYAH parthenogenesis in humans is possible; think immaculate conception but with only daughters born).

What It's Like to Work With Me.

I love critiques (giving and taking) and I'm 100% okay with getting hard feedback and I love change. (I've lived in over a dozen states and three other countries since we move every two years, so I get change.)

Away from the computer I'm shy, prefer my home and my books, but show me a bookstore and I suddenly become this other version of myself (one I kind of like better some days) where I talk to strangers about books. So if we were to ever meet, and you're wondering why I'm so quiet, it's because talking drains me of energy. Strangely and thankfully, writing gives me energy.

I guess I'm just excited to share my story with someone who wants to read it and discuss it with me. I know it needs work, but after multiple drafts I now need someone's help to push it to the next level.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to Pitchwars 2016!

Thank you Brenda Drake for putting on Pitchwars!

Thank you Lana Pattinson for the blog hop!


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